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--Kristen Files, owner
My Bellisima Baby

Blaze Your Own Trail

I don’t know about you, but when I found out that I would be decorating a nursery, I didn’t for one minute think, “Ooh, I hope it’ll look just like everyone else’s!” It seemed like every nursery I toured had (very subtle) variations on a pink princess theme for a girl and a sports theme for a boy. Not that there’s anything wrong with those themes; its just that were all so… interchangeable. And the funny thing is that everyone said the same thing: “I like it, but what I really wanted was something unique”. I scoffed at my friends’ lack of imagination but soon found myself in the same boat, awash in nothing but unimaginative shades of pale pinks and blues and generic patterns.

But now—drum roll, please—it’s My Bellisima Baby to the rescue! We’ve got—gasp!—sophisticated, stylish bedding sets and no animated mouse in sight. It’s all high-quality stuff, too, so you don’t have to worry that your prized finds will disintegrate after the 100th middle-of-the-night wash. And the prices? I’ve kept them low enough that you’ll do a double take. Hey, we moms have to stick together! If you’re not already dying to check out the selection, let me just tell you that the gorgeous colors and patterns span the spectrum from timeless (think sock puppets and Dr. Seuss) to highly contemporary (prep school and French-inspired designs).

But bedding is just the start. My Bellisima Baby covers almost everything you need after your water breaks—and all of it is as chic as you are. You know those rocking chairs that your grandparents had on their front porch? You won’t find them here. Try hot dot patterns and fuchsia velour on for size! And, oh my goodness, do not get me started on the diaper bags. All I have to say about the crazy-cool patterns is, good luck choosing just a couple. And get ready to say “My Bellisima Baby” a lot because everyone will be asking where you got your uber-hip stuff. Just be sure to tell them to pick a different style than you have; after all, the point of blazing your own trail is to be unique.


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